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SFX Trade offers a comprehensive selection of casement windows, ideal for homeowners seeking to elevate their space. Choose from double or triple glazing for exceptional energy efficiency, ensuring optimal thermal comfort throughout the year.

Tailored Design Options

  • Extensive Colour Palette: Our casement windows come in a diverse range of 18 colours, encompassing timeless classics like oak to contemporary hues such as Chartwell Green. This allows you to seamlessly integrate the windows with your home’s existing aesthetic.
  • Hardware Selection: Go beyond the ordinary with a variety of handle styles to complement your windows and add a touch of refined elegance.
  • Diverse Glazing Choices: We offer 19 distinct glazing options, catering to your specific needs. Whether you require privacy glass, decorative patterns, or classic clear panes, we have the perfect solution.

Sustainable Solutions:

At SFX Trade, we prioritise environmental responsibility. Our casement windows are crafted from the highest quality, fully recyclable uPVC. Furthermore, we take pride in responsibly recycling old uPVC windows removed during installations.

Expert Supply (Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex):

We provide  double and triple glazing throughout Hampshire, Surrey, and Sussex. Request a free quote today – explore our convenient online quote service or contact us directly for further assistance.

  • PAS 24 Accreditation

  • Wide Range of Configurations

  • U-values from 1.3W/m²K

  • 10 Years Guarantee From Installation Date

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Key Features

Environmentally Friendly

SFX Trade is committed to sustainable practices. Our casement windows are crafted from lead-free uPVC, minimizing environmental impact during their production. Furthermore, these windows are 100% recyclable at the end of their lifespan, promoting resource conservation. By choosing SFX Trade, you contribute to a more sustainable future.

High Security Locking System

We prioritise the safety and security of your home. Our casement windows incorporate a robust shoot bolt locking system, offering exceptional protection against unauthorised entry. For added peace of mind, we also provide the option to integrate child restrictors into the windows, ensuring the well-being of your loved ones.

Customisation Options

Getting windows in the right configuration is easy when you buy from SFX Trade, we have an extensive range of option, and if it’s not listed we will endeavour to custom make one for you. We have 18 colour options and 19 glazing options. You can also choose from double or triple glazing.

Thermal Efficiency

Our windows not only meet but exceed building regulations. With the multi chambered uPVC profile, our casement windows have *U-values from 1.3W/m²K.

*The U-Factor, also known as the thermal transmittance, is a crucial metric for evaluating a window’s insulating capabilities. It quantifies the rate at which heat transfers through the window assembly. Lower U-Factor values indicate superior thermal performance, meaning the window is more effective at maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures.






































Irish Oak


Golden Oak





Chartwell Green

Chartwell Green

Gale Grey Finesse


Black Brown


anthracite grey

Anthracite Grey

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Who Are SFX Trade?

We are a home improvement company based on the South Coast of England in Waterlooville. We supply casement windows to the Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex areas. We have over 30 years of experience in the window and double glazing business. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch today! 

More Features

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Our casement windows boast exceptional weather resistance thanks to innovative features. Liniar’s patented bubble gaskets create a continuous seal, minimising air & water infiltration. Combined with an advanced glazing flipper, these features optimise sealing & thermal comfort, keeping your home a haven year-round

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Modern & Heritage Charm

We can supply casement windows with additional adornments such as astragal or Georgian bars to add or keep the character of your home. We also provide casement windows that mimic the look of traditional vertical sliding windows.

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Glazing Options

Whether you’re looking for glazing with privacy (of which we have 18 options) or clear glazing to maximise your view, we offer double and triple glazing on all our casement windows.  All with a U-rating that surpasses building regulation standards.

What is uPVC?

SFX Trade leverages uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) in our casement windows due to its exceptional properties. This rigid plastic material offers several advantages:

  • Outstanding Thermal Insulation: uPVC boasts a remarkably low thermal conductivity, significantly surpassing traditional PVC. This translates to superior insulation, minimizing heat transfer and enhancing energy efficiency within your home.

  • Multi-Chambered Design: The innovative design of uPVC profiles incorporates multiple air chambers within the frame. These chambers act as a natural thermal barrier, effectively trapping heat and reducing energy loss. Compared to materials like wood or aluminium, uPVC offers superior insulating performance.

  • Enhanced Energy Savings: The exceptional thermal properties of uPVC contribute significantly to energy efficiency. By retaining heat within your home, uPVC windows minimize the need for additional heating, ultimately leading to cost savings on your energy bills.

  • Durable and Low-Maintenance: uPVC exhibits exceptional resistance to weathering and rot. This ensures your casement windows retain their pristine condition for many years, requiring minimal maintenance compared to other materials.

In essence, uPVC offers a compelling combination of performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness, making it a superior choice for your casement windows.

Why are casement windows so popular?

Casement windows are often the window of choice for homeowners due to their almost endless configuration options, colour variations and excellent thermal performance. With options to have double or triple glazed, customisable cill sizes, and made of fully recyclable uPVC they are the ideal choice for homeowners seeking a customisable, low maintenance window solution.

What else do you supply?

At SFX Trade, we specialise in windows, doors and roofs. We also offer services such as cladding, fascias, soffits & guttering. If you would like to learn more about our products, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today.

Where do you supply to?

We are based on the South Coast of England in Waterlooville. We supply casement windows to the Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex areas. We also offer free delivery. Call us to place your order, and we will arrange to deliver it to your site.

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Why Choose Us?

With over 30 years of experience in the window business, at SFX we are the South Coasts go-to for high quality windows, doors and roofline products. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand Monday to Friday 7:30am – 5pm to answer any questions you may have about our products.

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