10″/25cm Rigid Sun Tunnel, For Pitched Roofs, Slate, 15-60 Degrees


10″/25cm rigid sun tunnel, for pitched roofs, slate, 15-60 degrees
Provides a source of natural daylight when it is not possible to install a window
Double layer diffuser with Edge-Glow technology increases the spread of light internally
Suitable for roof pitches between 15-60°
Exterior flat glass window appearance
Easy to install with INTEGRAL flashing
Suitable for distances between roof and ceiling of between 0.9 – 1.7m, extensions available for distances up to 6m
Suitable for slate up to 8mm thick

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Brand: VELUX
Weight (Kg): 6.141
Guarantee: 10 Years
Internal Finish: Frosted Diffuser
External Finish: Black Lacquered Aluminium
Lead time GB (working days): 2
Lead time NI (working days): 3
EAN Number: 5702327835642
Weight 6.141 kg